The Tech Family Office meetings are a series of select intimate meetings for up to 120 Ultra & High Net Worth Individuals and family offices representatives focused on investment in innovative technologies. Held at different select venues each time, we bring cutting edge ideas, ground breaking entrepreneurs and market leaders. Our audience represents assets of around 200 Billion USD in the US alone.

The Blockchain industry is experiencing one of its most challenging periods in its short existence. The once, much hyped, panacea for all, has been humbled by the sharp correction that followed the ICO madness of 2017. There is a clear decline in public interest and crisis of faith by many in the industry itself. Many questions have arisen about the general future and purpose of Blockchain tech, from Satoshi’s vision, to its current volatile state and the cryptocurrencies real utilities, besides being, essentially, gambling tools.  There are questions to be asked, and discussed, at our event such as:

Is the Blockchain industry emulating the same pattern as the dotcom tech bubble?

  • Will the Blockchain tech still deliver the world changing solutions it once promised or has it been overhyped and in actuality years away from delivering mass market adoption?
  • Is this current correction, just a stumbling block, in a maturing emerging market space?
  • Will corporates embrace and invest in the ecosystem via the introduction of Security tokens?
  • Will the market correction clear the path for the better elements?

These questions and others will be answered by some of the industry’s leading names: The corporate session will discuss what the leading corporates are experimenting with in this space, what the researchers see coming up ahead as well as what academia’s top names think. We will hear from the investors – from funds to private family offices who invest in the space, where the opportunities lie and what should be avoided; Legal & CPA experts will discuss how do the regulators, lawmakers and tax authorities view and approach the space and on the other end what is the advisers’ points of view – legal and accounting issues (evaluation, bookkeeping etc.).

Our series of conferences will also interview over 70 speakers including some of the most promising investors and entrepreneurs who strongly believe in this space like Eric LyCo-Founder of LinkedIn (NYC), Alexandre Perrin who is in charge of Richard Branson’s Single Family Office and Virgin Groups’ Blockchain investments (London) and Jack ChenInventor of the ATM (Dallas).

Other notable names include Mr. Paolo Tasca, Executive Director, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, University College London, Mr. Richard Stockley, Head of Blockchain. IBM, Ms. Marcella Atzori, Blockchain Advisor & GovTech Expert, The European Union, Mr. Guy Dietrich Managing Director, Rockefeller Family Office, Mr. Mike McGlone Senior Commodity Strategist, Bloomberg Intelligence, Mr. Hadley Stern  Senior Vice President, Fidelity Labs, Mr. Lior Glass, Blockchain Leader, BNY Mellon, Prof. Ari Juels, Cornell University, Mr. Slava Rubin, Co Founder, Indiegogo, Mr. Ismail Malik, Founder & CEO, BlockchainLab, Dave Copps, CEO, Brainspace Corp, Mr. Mance Harmon, CEO & Cofounder, Hedera Hashgraph, Mr. Shamoil Shipchandler, Director of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Fort Worth Regional Office and Ayoub FakirData Engineer, AXA.

More at familyoffice-blockchain.com

About DC Finance

DC Finance (www.dc-finance.com) builds an international network of high net worth individuals, family offices and investors for mutual growth and support through first tier events worldwide. DCF is a leading financial conference organizer reaching over 1,000 families worldwide representing over 300 Billion USD. In the US alone, the firm reaches over 400 families representing 200 Billion USD.

Known for our strict registration policy, our unique topic discussions and world-class speakers – we have built a brand that is considered one of the best of its field. In the US, we manage our flagship East Coast Family Office & Wealth Management Conference – over 240 attendees representing over $100 billion (www.nyc-wealth.com), The High Tech & Innovation Family Office New York Meeting – the only event dedicated to technology investments for HNW & FOs (www.thenycmeetings.com), The Pre-Art Basel Florida Family Office Conference, South Beach –  the event continues throughout Art Basel week  (www.wealth-florida.com), The Texas Family Office & HNW Conferences in Houston & Dallas (www.wealth-texas.com) and The Family Office Real Estate NYC Meeting (www.wealth-realestate.com).

In the UK, we manage The London Family Office & Wealth Management Conference (www.london-wealth.com) and in Canada The Toronto Family Office & HNW Conference (www.canada-wealth.com).

In Israel, we have established seven of the country’s top financial conferences: The Semi-Annual Economic Conference; The Going Public Abroad Annual Conference; The Annual Securities Offering Convention; The Kibbutz Industries Annual Economic Conference; The Annual Corporate Finance Conference (www.israel-finance.com); The Tel Aviv Institutional Investment Conference (www.tlvii.com) and The Tel Aviv Annual Family Office & Wealth Management Conference which is considered one the world’s largest conferences in this field (www.israelwealth.com). DCF is also the publisher of Family Wealth magazine distributed to over 18,000 high net worth households annually.

Notable speakers include: Ms. Nancy Spielberg , Producer, Mr. Renaud Dutreil, Former Chairman of LVMH, Mr. Bob Diener, Founder Hotels.com, Mr. Philip Levine, Mayor South Beach, Ms. Lisa Firestone Von Winterfeldt, Founder, Firestone von Winterfeldt Family Fund, Ms. Bryn Mars, Founder, Bryn Mars Consulting , Mr. Marco Lopez of the Carlos Slim Foundation, Mr. Ismael Cala, CNN en Español, Mr. Manny Medina, Founder of Terremark, Mr. Uri Levine, Co-Founder of Waze, Ms. Sarah Arison, President of Arison Arts Foundation,  Ms. Kay Koplovitz, Founder, USA Networks, Dr. Joanie BronfmanMr. Tal Kerret, President, Silverstein Properties, Serial High-Tech Entrepreneur Dr. Yossi VardiMr. David Sable, Global CEO, Y&R, Mr. Jimmy Maymann, CEO, The Huffington Post, Mr. David Rosen, Partner, Rosen Partners, Mr. Jack Rosen, Founder, Rosen Partners, The Pritzker Group, The Russo Brothers, Directors The Avengers and Captain America, Mr. Gaby Meron, Founder, Given Imaging, Mr. Sam Zell, Chairman, Equity Group, Ms. Raya Strauss Bendror, President and Co-Owner, Strauss Investment, Strauss Family, Ms. Catherine Pegard, President, Versailles Palace, Mr. Adam Singolda, Founder & CEO, Taboola, Mr. Tim Draper, Founder, Draper Venture Funds, Ms. Gina Miller, Founder, SMCDirect.com, SheMoney.com, Mr. Romero Britto, International Artist, Mr. Ofer Yardeni, Chairman & CEO of Stonehenge, Mr. Jack Rosen, Chief Executive, Rosen Partners, Mr. Tomas Pedro Regalado, Mayor of Miami, Lord Simon Isaacs, 4th Marquess of Reading, JNF, UK, Mr. Philip Levine, Mayor, South Beach, Miami, Mr. Erik Wachtmeister, Founder, Best of all Worlds, Mr. Jim Rado, Author, HAIR, Mr. Guy Schory, Head of New Ventures, eBay, Mr. Scott Black, Founder & President, Delphi Management, Mr. Michael Drexler, Senior Director, World Economic Forum, Ms. Sarah S. Hamilton, Founder & CEO, FOX, Mr. Jacob Salomon, President & CEO, Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Ms. Sharon Bush, Bush Family, Mr. Charles Rockefeller, Rockefeller Family, Mr. Jason Greenblat, CLO, Trump Organization, Ms. Alyssa Jaffe, The Pritzker Group, Mr. Gaby Meron, Founder, Given Imaging, Mr. Slava Rubin, Co-Founder, IndieGoGo, Mr. Yann Lecun, AI, Facebook, Mr. Danny Lange, Head of Machine Learning, UBER, Mr. Guruduth S. Banavar, Chief Science Officer, IBM, Mr. Dov Moran, Founder, Grove Ventures.


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