08:00-09:00 am Registration & Refreshments
09:00-09:10 am Opening Remarks – Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
Moderator: Mr. Ian Morley, Chairman, Wentworth Hall Consultancy Ltd
The Blockchain Session
09:10-09:40 am The Blockchain Corporate Panel
Moderator: Mr. Daniel Gabriel, Legal Director: Accenture Blockchain, Finance and BPO Global Regulatory Lead, Accenture
With: Mr. Ismail Malik, Blockchain R&D + ICO Strategist, Mr. Ayoub Fakir, Blockchain Advisor, AXA and Consultant & Head of Blockchain for Devoteam Group, Mr. Todd McDonaldCo-Founder and Head of Partnerships, R3, Mr. Fausto DassennoGumtree Head of Product and Tech B2C @ eBay and Blockchain Advocate
This panel will focus on enterprise blockchain solutions. Panelists have direct experience in creating corporate solutions in the blockchain space. Don’t miss this panel discussion as it will examine where enterprise blockchain solutions are today and where they will be tomorrow.
09:40-09:55 am ICOs: Current Market State and What’s to Come – Mr. Dominik Zynis, Co-Founder, WINGS Foundation
09:55-10:05 am Vision for Crypto-Exchanges in Europe and Beyond: Security, Compliance and Performance – Mr. Pierre Noizat, Founder & CEO,
 10:05-10:15 am Blockchain in the Real World: Industrial Impact - Mr. Franco Petrucci, Founder & CEO, Futuryng INC.
 10:15-10:25 am Using Blockchain to Repair a Broken Music IndustryMr. Tamir Koch, President,, Inc.
10:25-10:55 am Break
The Cryptocurrencies Session
 10:55-11:15 am Creating the Internet of Trust – Mr. Gilbert Verdian, CEO, Quant Network and Founder, TC307 Blockchain ISO Standard
11:15-11:25 am Crypto Assets’ Biggest Weakness: Custody of the Intangible – Mr. Dmitry Tokarev, CEO, Copper Financial
11:25-11:35 am Applying Hedge Fund Strategies on Cryptocurrencies Dr. Philipp Kallerhoff, CEO, Protos Management
11:35-11:55 am Bitcoin Investments as an Alternative Asset Class – Mr. Jon Matonis, Board Director, RACE-CAP Inc. and Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation
11:55-12:40 pm The SFO Panel
Moderator: Mr. Aylon Morley, Investment Director, Wentworth Hall
With: Mr. Aditya Nagarsheth, Founder, Perpetual Value Partners, Mr. Rodrigo Jesus, Board Member, SFO, Mr. Alexandre Perrin, Investor overseeing Blockchain & Venture Investments for the Branson Family Office & the Virgin Group, Mr. Guy Dietrich, Managing Director, Wealth Management, Rockefeller, Mr. Stephan Ott, Partner, Ott Capital Ventures, Mr. Henry Monzon, Chief Revenue Officer, Bitfury Group
This panel will discuss family offices and blockchain investing: is the crypto market space a good place to invest in? Is there a future for family office investing in the crypto space? 
12:40-01:40 pm Lunch
01:40-02:10 pm Working Toward A Very Human Future – Mr. Steve Wells, COO, Fast Future Publishing Ltd
02:10-02:30 pm Is Real Estate ready for Blockchain? – Mr. Kevin Shtofman, National Blockchain Lead, Real Estate at Deloitte
02:30-03:15 pm Legal and Regulatory Issues Panel
Moderator: Mr. David Michels, Researcher, Queen Mary University of London
With: Ms. Sue McLean, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP, Mr. Daniel Gabriel, Legal Director: Accenture Blockchain, Finance and BPO Global Regulatory Lead, Accenture
This panel will highlight a number of the key legal and regulatory issues facing ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and the wider blockchain landscape today. Topics include the regulation of ICOs as securities, tax implications, and GDPR compliance.
 04:00-06:00 pm The Conference will be followed by a Cocktail Reception at Hambro Perks, 8 Greencoat Pl, Westminster, London SW1P 1PL, UK
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